First Sexology Workshop promoted by the International Indian Society and by Health Minister Bahalla in 2000 With Dr. Tom Lue, inventor of Viagra, in Singapore - 1998
With Dr. Kato, pioneer of sexology in Okohama, Japan - 2004 With Dr. Gorm Wagner, Honorary President of the World Society for Impotence Research, in Amsterdam in 1998
With Dr. Vaclav, inventor of the penile arterial bypass for the treatment of erectile disfunction caused by vascular problems, in congresses in Cuba, in Instambul - Turkey, in Singapore, and in Beijing
At the release of the book "Manual do Tesão 2001" on Programa Amaury Jr. in 1994 At the International Sexology Workshop in 2001, in India, with Dr. AK Walia
With Dr. Dong Jin Wu, developer of the technique for the control of premature ejaculation With Dr. Bivat, president of the World Society for Impotence Research
World Congress of the Asian Society of Sexology At the Jô Onze e Meia em 1992 tv show
Presentation in a conference about stimulation of the perineal muscles for erectile improvment, in Florence, in 2004 At the Frente a Frente tv show
At Globo Repórter tv show, with editor Malu from Globo News At the Conference on Orgasm in Istanbul
Release of the Manual do Orgasmo in India, at the International Workshop on the Prevention of
AIDS in 1998
Clipping on seminar of the International Sexology Society, in 2000
At a conference in a Congress in Cairo, in 2000


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