Doctor Marilene Cristina da Graça Batista Vargas graduated from the Federal University of the State of Paraná (Brazil). She is an internationally she completed post-graduate studies in Male and Female Sexual Disfunction at the University of Bosto (USA) renowned Brazilian sexologist and author of the best selling books Manual of the Orgasm, Sex  and Pleasure for Both and the Manual of Desire and Orgasm.


- Dr. Vargas is the Clinical Director of the Center for Studies in Sexology and Geriatrics (Curitiba - PR). She pioneered the implantation of the study of nocturnal phallography (an essential method for differentiating between physical and psychogenic impotence in men) as well as computerized electromyography (used to investigate female sexual dysfunction) in the State of  Paraná (Brazil).

- Resident doctor in the Geriatrics Department of the Gothenburg Shalgrenska Hospital.

- Speaker at the International Argentinean Congress on Phlebology, addressing the issues of:

* Female Sexuality during the menopause

* The use of Electromyography to diagnose frigidity

- Member of the International Society of Impotence Research, ISIR, based in Denmark, which has only 547 members worldwide.

- Member of the International Society for the Study of Orgasm, ISSO, New Delhi, India.

- Member of the International Sexology Society.

- Member of the Brazilian Society of Geriatrics and Gerontology.

- Course in MicroSurgery for Vasculogenic Dysfunction given by the Center for Fertility Studies in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

- Course at Boston University: Pre-Teaching for Impotence - Boston - USA.

- Internship at the Dr. Ricardo Vacari Male Sexual Dysfunction Service - Milan - Italy.

- Speaker at the Brazilian-Israeli Congress. Masters & Johnson Techniques, as modified by Vargas, for the treatment of premature ejaculation in elderly men.

- Speaker at the V National Seminar on Sexology, addressing the issue of: The Hormonal Etiology of Homosexuality.

- Speaker at the 1st Congress on Geriatrics in the Cone Sul, Campinas - SP (Brazil), addressing the issue of: Sexual Intercourse and Elderly Women.

- Speaker at the 1st World Congress on Orgasm, in New Delhi, addressing the issue of:

* Treatment of Frigidity, the Sexual Profile of the Woman and Vaginal Pressure as a Method of Investigating Orgasmic Dysfunction’s.

- Speaker at the 1st International Congress on Impotence - São Paulo - Brazil, addressing the issue of:

*  A new technique for the treatment of premature ejaculation in young and elderly men.

- Speaker at the IX World Congress on Sexology - 1989, addressing the issues of:

* The Etiology of Homosexuality - Sexual education in doctors' consulting rooms - Latency and number of orgasms

- Speaker and Chairwoman at the 3rd Asian Pacific International Congress - Taipei - Taiwan - 1991, addressing the issue of:

* Contraindications for the use of self inflating prosthetic devices.

- Chairwoman at the World Congress on Impotence, Singapore, 1994.

- Named Doctor of the Year and Professional of the Decade by the Paraná media.

- Organizer of the 1st Symposium on Orgasm, held in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil, in October 1993.

- Speaker on Sexual Education for the Paraná Electricity Company (Copel), Curitiba - PR, Brazil.

- Awarded the Medal of Honor by the Brazilian Society of Civic Merit, in October 1991.

- Awarded the title of Commander of the Grã Cruz 7 de September, by the Brazilian Society of Civic Merit, in June 1994.

- Awarded the Medal of Professional Merit in Medical Sciences by the Brazilian Academy of Art, Culture and History, São Paulo, Brazil.



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