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Manual of the Orgasm

As its name suggests, the Manual of the Orgasm is intended to be a safe guide to enable people to make the most of their erotic potential, get rid of doubts, prejudices or fears about sex and help them discover that the orgasm is bigger and better when it is reached with efficiency and without selfishness.

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Manual of Desire and Orgasm

In a brilliant and straightforward way this book continues with the job of enlightening men and women about ways and techniques of enriching their sex life, which after all is a fundamental part of any relationship.

Published by Ed. Hermon Distribuidora. Phone: (55) 041- 8453-0059


Who are the books aimed at?

The basic difference between the two books is that the first, THE MANUAL OF THE ORGASM - sex and pleasure for both, deals with how the organs involved in sexual intercourse work and how the human response to sex occurs in the different phases of life (adolescence, adulthood and old age). Apart from this, for the first time we deal with how a woman reaches orgasm (both generalized contractions - in the case of vaginal orgasm, and localized contractions in the genital region - clitoral orgasm). In this book we do not mention the male orgasm, nor orgasmic and desire dysfunction’s in men. Neither do we mention sequential male orgasms, or how and why they occur. In the MANUAL OF THE ORGASM - Sex and pleasure for both, we emphasize how a woman's sex life can be improved, at any time of her life, including the menopause, pregnancy and when she is breastfeeding.

In the MANUAL OF DESIRE AND ORGASM, we seek to give more emphasis to men and the factors or illnesses that reduce or are prejudicial to the quality of men's pleasure. It is important to remember that men also have pleasure and that today, more than ever, with the problems associated with modern life, men can suffer from illnesses such as hypo-orgasm (little pleasure during sexual intercourse), lack of sexual appetite (lack of sex drive). These problems are not restricted to young men between 25 and 45 years of age. As well as dealing with the first signs, symptoms and treatment of these dysfunction’s, the MANUAL OF DESIRE AND ORGASM provides guidance on exercises and food that can improve a man's sexual performance. The two books, the MANUAL OF THE ORGASM - sex and pleasure for both and the MANUAL OF DESIRE AND ORGASM, complement each other since one teaches how to discover and treat sexual problems and the other teaches how to detect the problem before it becomes an illness.


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